Symptoms that suggest your need for some self/soul care.

There are a number of ways that our body and our souls tell us that something is awry and that we’re in need of some help. Too often these symptoms are ignored or passed off as a ‘bad week.’ This is not a comprehensive list, but a few symptoms that are pretty common.

– Little “d” depression. Something akin to a low-grade fever, little ‘d’ depression is the kind that flattens your moods, keeps your emotions hidden (perhaps more so than they already are), and creates a leaning towards wanting to “get away”.

– Apathetic towards relationships, work, or life in general. Often when apathy is playing out, we’re feeling isolated or alone in our day-to-day lives. Apathy plays out in various ways, but can often be seen in a tendency towards ‘checking-out.’

– Not getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that the body needs an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night to recharge and rest. If you’re getting at least that, or more/not enough, and still find yourself tired, chances are that you’re emotionally not well.

– Consuming more than creating. Our culture is built around consuming, which creates a veracious need for more consumption. When we are not engaged in the creation of things, ideas, relationships, or new plans/paths, we are likely on the other side consuming. Food, news, reality tv, sex, drugs or alcohol, relationships, and work are all ways that we can consume easily on a daily basis. It’s much more difficult to create than consume.

– Empathic emptiness with close relationships. This can be in marriage, friendships, family, or at work. When we are without empathy for others, it’s a big flashing neon sign that our soul is in need.

If any of these fit you, it might be time to unplug and practice some self care.

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