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Mark Twain once said that the two most important days of your life are the day you’re born, and the day you find out why.

Do you know your why?

My clients struggle with life just like you. They want more in life and have struggled to find this fullness and meaning. They are hurting from wounds from the past, difficulties in present-day relationships, and wrestle with self-worth.

Just like you, they have tried everything they can think of to help themselves, perhaps even trying therapy or counseling before. And like you, they want a place to explore life in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. My goal is to walk with and alongside you as you explore the joys, pains, and rough patches of life. 

There are many intersections and stories of your life that come into play for you today, even now as you consider therapy. Therapy involves the exploration of these stories, and the hope of something new. Through therapy you can deepen relational intimacy, break free from difficult life patterns, and discover what it means to live more truthfully

Let’s connect and get started on helping you heal and find hope, and discover your why.

Counseling with Samuel

:: Experience ::
Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider (TN License #2618)

I specialize in working with men who are wrestling with what it means to be a man, sexual integrity, addictions, relationship or work issues, and anger management. I challenge men to explore their masculinity by challenging pervasive, and sometimes harmful, cultural stereotypes.

I help women who are looking to find and reclaim their voice in their relationships, working through issues of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, difficulty in family relationships, self esteem, and codependency.

Couples have five areas of content they fight about: Sex, kids, money, in-laws, and technology. Each couple has a unique process they follow as they attempt to resolve these issues. I guide couples through these difficult and sometimes perpetual issues to find hope, healing, and a new process. Together we will sort through these and other challenges to foster mutual love and respect. I help couples to identify and move beyond their negative patterns of relating and construct new relational styles built upon honesty, respect, responsibility, and vulnerability. 

:: Areas of Experience ::
Marriage and Couples Therapy
Men’s and Women’s Issues
“Nice Guys”
Recovery (substance abuse, relationships, narcissism)
Sex (Pornography, Illicit relationships, sex addictions)
Life Transitions
Spiritual Formation

Call or Text me today at 615-656-4430, and let’s get started on helping you find hope and healing.

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him or around him and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” ~ Dostoevsky

Counseling with Charla

All of our wounds are the product of some relationship in our life. As a result, healing from these wounds only occurs within relationship. This is my starting point to help clients understand the nature of their wounds, their path toward healing and to develop healthy relationships.

I work with women and men seeking to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression and relational issues. This is a journey of discovering new purpose, meaning, boundaries, and connection while navigating loss, transitions or spiritual crises. 

I also work with couples in conflict or who simply desire to have a deeper connection in their marriage. Couples will work with me to discover what it means to move toward one another in conflict, explore a new vision for life together, and how to embrace the unique gift of the other.

Formal Training
Master of Arts Clinical Mental Health, Liberty University. I am currently working towards my licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor with the state of Tennessee and am in supervision with Samuel Rainey, LPC-MHSP.

:: Areas of Experience ::
Women’s Issues 
Couples Work
Life Transitions
Spiritual Issues
Relational Issues

:: Fees ::
$125 per session
I typically work with clients on a weekly basis
Sessions are 50 minutes in length
24-hour cancellation policy

Let’s connect and get started working together.

Counseling with Marten

“Why would we spend our lives trying to be someone we wouldn’t want to be if we only knew what we wanted.”
~ Thomas Merton

You want something we all need from time to time – help. You need that help to come from a place of care, trust and hope. I would be honored to be a safe person with whom you take your next steps toward a healthier, more integrated life. I meet clients with gentle compassion in the midst of their dilemmas, offer trustworthy next steps, and embody abiding hope throughout the journey to health and wholeness. 

My clients (individuals, couples and families) are people who have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions:
– Has your world significantly changed or is it about to significantly change? 
– Do you sense a need to start over?
– Is your way of being in the world (patterns, beliefs, strategies) no longer working for you?
– Does it feel as though have you lost yourself somewhere along the way – or that you never really knew yourself? 
– Is life feeling overwhelmingly heavy or utterly meaningless to you?
– Are you in the midst of a transition or a loss?
– Are you frustrated by the conflict in your life?

Often, to get help, we need courage to overcome the fear of getting vulnerable – with ourselves and with others. I know that fear and like you, I have found the courage to pursue integration and healing that comes through therapy. 

My work, education and experiences have given me a broad perspective of life – its joys, its transitions, and its challenges. I know the edges of life can be rough and sharp sometimes – it may be that way for you right now.  

Call or text me today at 615-431-3681 and let’s talk about our next steps together.

:: Areas of Experience ::
Grief and loss
Career transition
Mid-life challenges
Relational conflict
Spiritual Formation and Direction

:: Fees ::
$105 per session, and needs-based sliding scale (I typically work with clients on a weekly basis)
Sessions are 50 minutes in length
24-hour cancellation policy