I’m a licensed counselor, therapist, coach, author, and teacher. My clients struggle with life just like you. They want more in life and have struggled mightily to find this fullness and meaning. They are hurting from wounds from the past, difficulties in present-day relationships, and wrestle with self-identity. Just like you, they have tried everything they can think of to help themselves, perhaps even trying therapy or counseling before. And like you, they want a place to explore life in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. My goal is to walk with and alongside you as you explore the joys, pains, and rough patches of life. 

I specialize in helping individuals and couples who struggle with addictions, relationship issues, anger issues, depression, sexual integrity, and spirituality issues. I help marriages and relationships engage with the recovery of love, respect, and intimacy.  

There are many intersections and stories of your life that come into play for you today, even now as you consider therapy. Therapy involves the exploration of these stories, and the hope of something new. I am committed to hope-oriented therapy for individuals and couples of all ages and walks of life. Through therapy you can deepen relational intimacy, face addictive and destructive behavior, and discover what it means to live more fully

If you want help getting to the core themes and issues in your life or relationships, lets connect