Two months ago, the Middle-Tennessee area was hit with thunderstorm after thunderstorm after thunderstorm from Friday night through Sunday evening. Some areas accumulated 15+ inches of rain during that time span, which led to significant flooding in many areas. Thankfully our house was not the victim of these fast moving waters, of which I am still grateful.

Often I will recall when something bad has happened, from something as small as a cup of milk being spilled by my kids to losing a job, a friend, or something more substantial. When those ‘bad’ things happen, I generally remember other times in life that feel similar. On the flip side, I rarely remember when things go ‘right’.

Just this morning our family ate a meal without any spilled food, drinks, or items. Glory. Yet, I don’t memorialize those moments because ultimately I believe that I’m entitled to things working well. So when they go well, I don’t celebrate, I chalk it off as normality. Yet when something awry happens, I question and wonder why life doesn’t work.

Remembering brings us face to face, if we’re willing, with our view of life. Do we expect good, and get mad at the setbacks? Perhaps another perspective is do we accept the setbacks expecting them to happen, and fail to remember/address the good? My hope is that remembering will lead me to hold both the good and bad in the same hand, giving each their due; laughing and weeping.

Will you remember?

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