Most of us spend so much time thinking about the wealth of our bank account, or retirement plan. What about the wealth of your marriage? There is not a more important investment in life than that of your marriage and family. Governments and economies can all disappear rendering our financial investments worthless. There is nothing that will disrupt the healthy investment of a marriage, and the dividends paid to future generations.

How to be wealthy in Marriage:

  • Find ways to surprise your spouse. Most surprises are negative. Make them say “you did what” with joyful expectance.
  • Lather them with compliments. What do you like/love about them? Lather them in these compliments two, three, four times over.
  • Follow the golden rule in woodworking: Measure twice, cut once / Listen twice, speak once. Ask questions to make sure you’ve heard them. Don’t worry about being heard, do the hard work of listening.
  • Daily look at them in the eyes long enough to feel. It’s amazing how intimate this is. Share that feeling you just had when you looked into their eyes.
  • Date. Play. Hobby together.
  • Deposit positive experiences into their relational bank account, and difficult times will never bankrupt you.
  • Don’t wait to get help until you have to. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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