The world depicted in the movie Wall-E is quickly becoming a reality for us. Amidst towering issues of trash and little to no natural nourishment, we are being directed to take up residence in another world, in space … and I’m not talking about physical trash.

The trash of today is failed relationships, marriages, and emotional health. All of these issues are rising at an unprecedented rate, and as quickly as these problems are rising, the folks in Silicon Valley are providing a vast array of escapes for our consumption. Whereas the inhabitants on Wall-E flew to a spaceship in orbit around the earth, we are flying to a spaceship in the digital world that orbits around real life.

We’re getting fat on quick and easy consumptive digital media. Text messages, youtube videos, twitter news updates, and facebook posts all promise a life of connectivity. I fear that these methods of relating are moving us all towards less capable social abilities where problems in the real world can only be talked about or resolved digitally.

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