Hi, my name is Samuel. Thanks for stopping by and reading/sharing what I’m writing here. I’m often told by friends, clients, and family, “hey, that’s really good, you should write about that.”

I’ll have a crazy idea or metaphor (I love metaphors) and will share some of those here. I read a lot … books, articles, people, weather, nature, and sports. I mainly write about things that I’m reading or considering in my professional work with clients around issues of life, work, relationships, and cultural engagement. Drop me an email, leave a comment on the blog, or hit me up on twitter. I’d love to hear what is stirring for you in your life.

I am passionate about helping people grow and making things (processes, relationships, technologies, etc) work better. Growth is one of the primary motivators for my career as a therapist, business owner, leader, and follower.

I maintain a clinical practice working with individuals and couples around issues of addiction recovery (work, substances, sexuality, and screen addictions), relationship challenges (intensives for couples), leadership, and codependency. I speak nationally with FamilyLife at the Weekend to Remember marriage conferences. You can also find me on twitter, Facebook, and my author page on Amazon.