The Gospel of Porn

The allure and promise of porn is simple. It’s about acceptance. It tugs at our need to be saved. Rescued. Our need for salvation.

Porn says, “You can come as you are. You are welcome here. Alone. Tired. Afraid. Ashamed. No problem, You’re ok here.” 

Usually not really knowing what you are looking for, it promises to take care of you. 

It welcomes you. There is no judgement from anyone on the screen. No forgiveness needed because you are good and there is nothing wrong with your desires. Just keep searching, clicking, and watching. 

Porn holds you and tells you that whatever you are searching for, you can find it here. It whispers, “you’re not lost anymore.” This is the mastery of porn. It hits on a desire that we all have: To be found. Not lost anymore. Accepted. Welcomed with excitement and anticipation, without judgement, with open arms.

Porn offers no rejection. It always says: “Yes!” Accepting whatever you ask, faster than you can ask.

But in the end, you will leave. You’ll walk away alone. Tired. Afraid. Ashamed. Lost. Cold. And not ok.

Do you know what or who you’re searching for?