Narcissism is an idea that gets thrown around a lot in our culture today. In our every day lives, we tend to refer to narcissists as someone who take a lot of selfies or only talk about themselves and their accomplishments. (This more closely describes a teenager than a narcissist!). The reality is we are all self-centric in how we approach life, but that doesn’t make everyone a narcissist.

Perhaps you have been called a narcissist, and you’re unsure if this is some kind of an attack or that it might be true. or maybe you are in a close relationship with someone you think is a narcissist. That might be a boss, spouse, friend, sibling, or perhaps a parent. It is difficult to know how to relate to someone who is or who has strong narcissistic qualities.

If you might be one, or are in relationship with one, I help people work through the necessary boundaries and emotional recovery associated with narcissism. Developing emotional resilience is paramount to life, especially when we find ourselves in close proximity to someone with narcissistic traits.

Give me a call, and let’s talk about the healing process.